Saturday, July 10, 2010

Long time no see

Good gravy, it's been 6 months since I blogged. I have about 2 weeks to get my arse in gear for the Catacombs Art Market July 23/24, and was accepted into the Fall Into Art show at the old mall for September. That show may be painfully slow. I hope they promote the hell out of it, because otherwise, who the hell goes to the old mall? It's half vacant. Harbor Freight is at one end, if you need some Chinese tools. A temp employment agency downstairs, wow I don't even know what else is in that building.  Oh well, there are some GREAT artisans involved, so I will be in good company while there. It was "juried" so I don't think I will be among flea marketers. The Catacombs lets everyone in and it's a BLAST, but this will be different. I don't know what to expect.

As for now, I have a bisque kiln firing now and have scheduled a glaze kiln for Wednesday. I know I'll need another glaze kiln but it just might not be done for the Catacombs.

I have a table full of bisque now and might be sitting pretty for my glaze choices, except my Faux Celadon from the studio. They will mix me up a batch and their prices are GREAT.

Meanwhile I'm finally almost out of clay again and it made me nervous. I am in "save up for new house" mode and don't want another clay run. So I got cracking on some reclaim and have some almost dry enough to wedge now, and will slake some more bad pots later. I have buckets in the garage sorted somewhat by color, B-Mix in one and red in the other, and buff goes in either one.

Well ok then. No pretty pictures for this entry. Guess I'll set about glazing, and report back closer to Market time.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Quest for glazes

Well after a couple years of deteriorating glaze results at the studio, Norleen has taken back 100% of the mixing duties, and already there are improvements! I can get back to some happy dipping and food-safe results with no more worries!

My Opulence testing continues for color mixing. I can use them for magnets and candle holders, beads and charms... they would be food safe at Cone 6 but since the studio only goes to 5, I will have to do additional testing before I can make dishes glazed with it.

No matter, glad to have our old standards back in action at Access Arts! Maybe, just maybe, we could have our old Goldenrod and Butter come back! Those were some amazing yellows, sorely missed.

Later, taters!