Saturday, April 30, 2011


Raku. Sun, wind, old friends, new friends, fire, water, snacks, smoke, success, failure.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Almost there

Artlandish Gallery - more specifically the Catacombs Galleries below Artlandish, is where my pottery will be displayed for sale. As soon as I get this one last glaze firing out of the way. And as soon as I go pick out where I want my booth. And then as soon as I decide how to arrange my shelves and my wares.... Well I'm almost there! I have new business cards on the way that tell you on the back where you can actually find my stuff. The few art markets I've done, it was nice when people asked, "Where can I find your pottery when you are not at an art market?" but my only answer was..... "um, stacked in boxes at my house."  That's all changing now, baby! LOL

I will be in such good company down there. Tie-dyed, recycled, up-cycled, hand painted, carved, tied, hammered, stitched.... there's a lot of good stuff down there in the dark mysterious hallways. I loooove that vibe. The people down there taking their turns at gallery-sitting, have become very precious to me over the last year or so, since I met each of them at this groovy place where artists support each other and we're all doing what we can to support the local economy and the arts. I doubt these people even know how precious they are to me. I must tell them as soon as I see them again!! And though I don't consider my own pots to be art, I still consider myself an artist, and so I belong there with the other artists if I want to be! haha! Sometimes I make arty pots, but I really dig functional stuff; honest, useful stuff, that feels good and might look good, but above all, works good. ;-)

So, I think I am done glazing and now I need to schedule use of a kiln, and get this dang show on the road!!!

ANNNNNNNNNND between now and then, a raku firing and BBQ --- why it's a Raku-B-Q!!!!

It doesn't get any better than this. :D

Sunday, April 24, 2011


A few more little space-fillers are out of the glaze kilns at the studio where I buy kiln space. As I load the shelves in the back room with my glazed wares waiting until I have enough to fire, the studio manager "borrows" a few things here and there when the classroom kilns have empty space.

It's really fun to get a sneak preview of some of my new items. In turn, when I finally load "my" kiln, I will very likely have to fill empty spots with class work because I won't have enough to fill it by that time, if this keeps up.

It's nice to have a place just a couple miles down the road to tote my wares to. It used to be much scarier, but the pot-holes between here and there were filled last year, and I'm moving smaller batches at a time. The bone-dry stuff is the scariest to transport, but the glazed stuff is the most irritating. At least if I buy glaze from the studio, if I chip glaze off, I can touch it up when I get there, from one of their buckets. 

With a nod to the fact that it's Easter, let me just say, these are some really nice peeps:  School of Service: Access Arts

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Distractible. Yes.

How sad is it that I can't find any of my dust masks when I want to measure out a little Mason stain for my clear glaze base? Ya know, I went to the studio last night for my micro scale, as I only need to stir up a little at a time. When I got there, a glaze kiln had been opened! Woo hoo!! Glaze Guy, aka Kiln Guy, had used some of my stuff as filler. So I was totally distracted and petted my new doo-dads then ran out to the car for some bubble wrap.

Yeah, I get free bubble wrap at work and, hey! I'm a potter. I should have bubble wrap! My trunk is full of it. If I could fit groceries in there, they'd be safe.

So I wrap up my bowls and cups and turn around to leave and there's a note on my shelf! A friend has left a book for me to drool over. OMG it's a Kimchee cookbook. She said it's full of great recipes and AWESOME pottery crocks! I told her I wanted to borrow the book for both reasons!!

Grab the book, grab the microscale, bag of bubble-wrapped goodies, and home I go, ready to stir up glaze.

But first, I have to show the guys my bowls and stuff, and then whaddaya know, I have a new camera from Christmas, and then I end up on facebook posting pictures. Oooh I miss my Photoshop.

OK that was yesterday.... today I'm ready once again to measure out a little Mason stain for my glaze base, and I've turned the house upside-down AGAIN, and can't find a dust mask.

The hardware store is a couple minutes away, but do you really think when I get there I'll remember what I went for? They'll have shiny things there, and bird seed, and cool tools and let's not forget jelly beans at the checkout. And not those frou-frou gourmet ones. The real deal, like when we were little.

Monday, April 18, 2011

My semi-annual check-in?

April already huh?

I worked really hard last summer/fall on pottery and moved too fast to enjoy it, busting my back to schlep it all to the catacombs and other local (medium to smallllll) shows.... 

Then I took a nice long break after the Xmas catacombs. Like, for 3 months I didn't touch a wad of clay. Not a smear. I stoked the fire, filled the well, watched videos, read books, made sketches. Ahhhhhhhh finally ready to play again. 

So I'm revisiting my old glaze posts, checking out those pastel colors.... I think I'll whip a couple up real quick! What the hey!!! I have decided to do a permanent* booth in the Catacombs, and no more schlepping! I can just walk a few pots down as necessary! 

Maybe get hubby to shoot some Etsy pics for me and see what that's all about. He's my photographer! Have a look!

I thought I had left my mail order businesses behind when I closed our ebay stores a few years back. LOL It's OK; the US Postal Service is still a super bargain and I appreciate them.

*sigh* OK enough blather. I'm actually ready to go mix up some Opulence and Mason Stains. I have a few white tumblers that don't want to be white any more. ;-)

*permanent as in, until the owner of the building actually thinks of something to do with the space, which I don't know if that's even a goal, but I mean, nothing is forever, right? Except pottery I guess, sometimes.

See ya!!!