Thursday, April 28, 2011

Almost there

Artlandish Gallery - more specifically the Catacombs Galleries below Artlandish, is where my pottery will be displayed for sale. As soon as I get this one last glaze firing out of the way. And as soon as I go pick out where I want my booth. And then as soon as I decide how to arrange my shelves and my wares.... Well I'm almost there! I have new business cards on the way that tell you on the back where you can actually find my stuff. The few art markets I've done, it was nice when people asked, "Where can I find your pottery when you are not at an art market?" but my only answer was..... "um, stacked in boxes at my house."  That's all changing now, baby! LOL

I will be in such good company down there. Tie-dyed, recycled, up-cycled, hand painted, carved, tied, hammered, stitched.... there's a lot of good stuff down there in the dark mysterious hallways. I loooove that vibe. The people down there taking their turns at gallery-sitting, have become very precious to me over the last year or so, since I met each of them at this groovy place where artists support each other and we're all doing what we can to support the local economy and the arts. I doubt these people even know how precious they are to me. I must tell them as soon as I see them again!! And though I don't consider my own pots to be art, I still consider myself an artist, and so I belong there with the other artists if I want to be! haha! Sometimes I make arty pots, but I really dig functional stuff; honest, useful stuff, that feels good and might look good, but above all, works good. ;-)

So, I think I am done glazing and now I need to schedule use of a kiln, and get this dang show on the road!!!

ANNNNNNNNNND between now and then, a raku firing and BBQ --- why it's a Raku-B-Q!!!!

It doesn't get any better than this. :D

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