Sunday, April 24, 2011


A few more little space-fillers are out of the glaze kilns at the studio where I buy kiln space. As I load the shelves in the back room with my glazed wares waiting until I have enough to fire, the studio manager "borrows" a few things here and there when the classroom kilns have empty space.

It's really fun to get a sneak preview of some of my new items. In turn, when I finally load "my" kiln, I will very likely have to fill empty spots with class work because I won't have enough to fill it by that time, if this keeps up.

It's nice to have a place just a couple miles down the road to tote my wares to. It used to be much scarier, but the pot-holes between here and there were filled last year, and I'm moving smaller batches at a time. The bone-dry stuff is the scariest to transport, but the glazed stuff is the most irritating. At least if I buy glaze from the studio, if I chip glaze off, I can touch it up when I get there, from one of their buckets. 

With a nod to the fact that it's Easter, let me just say, these are some really nice peeps:  School of Service: Access Arts

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