Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Distractible. Yes.

How sad is it that I can't find any of my dust masks when I want to measure out a little Mason stain for my clear glaze base? Ya know, I went to the studio last night for my micro scale, as I only need to stir up a little at a time. When I got there, a glaze kiln had been opened! Woo hoo!! Glaze Guy, aka Kiln Guy, had used some of my stuff as filler. So I was totally distracted and petted my new doo-dads then ran out to the car for some bubble wrap.

Yeah, I get free bubble wrap at work and, hey! I'm a potter. I should have bubble wrap! My trunk is full of it. If I could fit groceries in there, they'd be safe.

So I wrap up my bowls and cups and turn around to leave and there's a note on my shelf! A friend has left a book for me to drool over. OMG it's a Kimchee cookbook. She said it's full of great recipes and AWESOME pottery crocks! I told her I wanted to borrow the book for both reasons!!

Grab the book, grab the microscale, bag of bubble-wrapped goodies, and home I go, ready to stir up glaze.

But first, I have to show the guys my bowls and stuff, and then whaddaya know, I have a new camera from Christmas, and then I end up on facebook posting pictures. Oooh I miss my Photoshop.

OK that was yesterday.... today I'm ready once again to measure out a little Mason stain for my glaze base, and I've turned the house upside-down AGAIN, and can't find a dust mask.

The hardware store is a couple minutes away, but do you really think when I get there I'll remember what I went for? They'll have shiny things there, and bird seed, and cool tools and let's not forget jelly beans at the checkout. And not those frou-frou gourmet ones. The real deal, like when we were little.

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