Saturday, May 28, 2011

I love a theme

Sometimes I just don't know what to make. Do we need more bowls? More coffee mugs? But someone (gotta love that Lisa Bartlett!) mentioned a GARDEN PARTY event for outdoor art. HOORAY!  An assignment! I'm keeping them under wraps until the day of, not saying what I made, but so far I have 5 of them in process. White stoneware. Now I'm out of white stoneware. Found a few pounds of red stoneware in a forgotten bag, so I should be able to get 2 or 3 more thrown and dry before I load a bisque kiln.

Things are drying fast this week, since the family room flooded during the big storm, and I have the BIG fan running 24/7 to try to ward off the mold.

Event opens June 17. See you then! :D

If you're on Facebook, here's the info:  Garden Party! Art for the Yard

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Moved in!

Yesterday was my first shift at gallery sitting, and I spent the afternoon hanging this chocolate brown fabric shower curtain on an overhead conduit, just to have a mostly blank slate. Beige table cloth, bare wood shelf. Plain Jane, I need more displays. I think some tall skinny shelves to flank the table will hide what the shower curtain can't.

My first glitch: I am used to hiding my power strip when I set up for markets. Since this is permanent, and since other people have to use my light switch when I'm not there, I should have pulled it up to where people can find it! I will yank it into a more accessible spot after work on Monday. Don't want anyone having to crawl on hands and knees to find my power source. Booth neighbor Lawrence L'Hote took care of it for me today.

He says an out-of-state visitor came and bought some mugs and plates, too! Can you imagine???? I can't. hahaha I have to run down there Monday and see what's missing and see if I can fill empty spots. I'm dying to know what she bought.

I'm really looking forward to this gallery experience.  Another potter from Access Arts has her table in the next room and she said she brings a book or sketch book with her when it's her turn to sit. I'm really glad she said that. I love walking around the Catacombs sucking up cool energy and getting inspired. It's a good idea to have the sketch book handy!!

Another thing I need is a guest book, or maybe just a sign on a fishbowl (more likely a pottery crock) that says to drop your card in if you want to be emailed when I get new stuff fired. And leave blank slips of paper in case you don't carry a card with you, to sign your name and email address.

Well, there is no shortage of things I need to tweak. :D

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Stop the Presses?

Well, well, what have we here? I was happily scooting things around in my little corner of the Catacombs, when Larry the wire art guru slid up to us and announced his neighbor in the main hall was packing out!! 

I high-tailed it across the street to see Lisa (gallery owner) at the mural site on the new building, and checked with her. She said I should definitely take the "new" spot! It will be like coming home. It's a spot I'm quite familiar with from last year's art markets. And a great traffic area too. We helped the nice lady finish breaking down her booth, and I slipped right in.

And LOOK!!! My free banner that matches my free business cards arrived early!!! (Some day I might have an actual business name, but until then, as long as it's free, I just keep using the cartoon stuff with fun colors, and yep, it's pottery, alright!)

Hmm, no metallic wall for magnetic support of said banner... Should have bought those cheap hooks they offered at Vistaprint. 20/20 hindsight!  These walls are ... hmm concrete block? and have shreds of cork still remaining from their long-ago existence as cold storage for produce from the train station next door, if I have my history right.  So anyway the ceiling is wood, so I will do hooks and wires and hang a backdrop, hang the banner, then set about making a display. 

I know it doesn't look like much now, but I need to get Woody to shoot us a video tour of this whole wonderful place and let you have an inkling of what goes on here. It's just all too fun.

Before picture

It's small and crazy, but it's a CORNER, so I love it. I need to color it up and haul away that enormous easel, then start stacking pots! That section of metal wall is just DYING to have some ceramic magnets attached to it. Time to get silly again!

The studio just off-camera to the right here, is a glass artist with some really fun stuff!! The corner where I stood to take the pic, contains some hand-sewn items and a painter whose colors and patterns just SING to me. The TieDye Queen is just around the corner, too, not to mention that amazing recycling guru with the wire art and spoon jewelry!!

My banner won't be here until Wednesday but that's ok. My first shifts for gallery sitting are next Friday and Saturday. I still have to print some flyers, too.

The Catacombs Galleries below Artlandish hold an ever-changing array of local handmade goodness. Arts, crafts, canned goods, and amazing energies.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Making preparations

Just an update even though nobody's reading. haha
Yesterday, I prepared an order at VistaPrint for a 3-foot wide banner that matches my business cards, just in case it would look good in my Catacombs booth. But I didn't order it. Came back today to have another look, and apparently there's yet another special at VistaPrint (when isn't there?) and they had marked my banner FREE from $13.99. Well YES PLEASE! I was ordering a sheet of stickers too. They were a dollar off, same as yesterday. LOL

Well now somehow I've qualified for discounted shipping, so for the original price of the banner, I now have speedy mail, with the new goodies arriving before the business cards I ordered last week.

After dinner I unloaded that glaze kiln. As always, some [LOVE] and some {hmmm}and none of it is unusable. Yes, I'm grateful for the little things!

Working until 430 outside town has its drawbacks. The gallery closes as 5, so I can't squeak in there to choose a spot and pay my first month's rent.... I'm getting REALLY antsy. I just want to GET IT GOING!

Soon, Lynnie, SOON.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Got a slow-burnin' glaze kiln cooling down right now. I should have set it for a faster fire, but well, this will be a live-and-learn situation. I may have some overfired pots BUT most of my glazes won't be worse off for it, if memory serves. Darker, richer, hopefully not bubbled and pocked...... 

I'm just so stoked, though. Might even finally list a couple on Etsy. But I should have my booth set up by the weekend over at the Catacombs. 

Y'all in Columbia, Missouri, come check it out.