Saturday, May 7, 2011

Stop the Presses?

Well, well, what have we here? I was happily scooting things around in my little corner of the Catacombs, when Larry the wire art guru slid up to us and announced his neighbor in the main hall was packing out!! 

I high-tailed it across the street to see Lisa (gallery owner) at the mural site on the new building, and checked with her. She said I should definitely take the "new" spot! It will be like coming home. It's a spot I'm quite familiar with from last year's art markets. And a great traffic area too. We helped the nice lady finish breaking down her booth, and I slipped right in.

And LOOK!!! My free banner that matches my free business cards arrived early!!! (Some day I might have an actual business name, but until then, as long as it's free, I just keep using the cartoon stuff with fun colors, and yep, it's pottery, alright!)

Hmm, no metallic wall for magnetic support of said banner... Should have bought those cheap hooks they offered at Vistaprint. 20/20 hindsight!  These walls are ... hmm concrete block? and have shreds of cork still remaining from their long-ago existence as cold storage for produce from the train station next door, if I have my history right.  So anyway the ceiling is wood, so I will do hooks and wires and hang a backdrop, hang the banner, then set about making a display. 

I know it doesn't look like much now, but I need to get Woody to shoot us a video tour of this whole wonderful place and let you have an inkling of what goes on here. It's just all too fun.

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