Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Making preparations

Just an update even though nobody's reading. haha
Yesterday, I prepared an order at VistaPrint for a 3-foot wide banner that matches my business cards, just in case it would look good in my Catacombs booth. But I didn't order it. Came back today to have another look, and apparently there's yet another special at VistaPrint (when isn't there?) and they had marked my banner FREE from $13.99. Well YES PLEASE! I was ordering a sheet of stickers too. They were a dollar off, same as yesterday. LOL

Well now somehow I've qualified for discounted shipping, so for the original price of the banner, I now have speedy mail, with the new goodies arriving before the business cards I ordered last week.

After dinner I unloaded that glaze kiln. As always, some [LOVE] and some {hmmm}and none of it is unusable. Yes, I'm grateful for the little things!

Working until 430 outside town has its drawbacks. The gallery closes as 5, so I can't squeak in there to choose a spot and pay my first month's rent.... I'm getting REALLY antsy. I just want to GET IT GOING!

Soon, Lynnie, SOON.


  1. I love bargains! Last year I ordered a banner and well, I'm too embarrassed to tell you how much I spent on it.. Ouch :( I wish I could sell some of my pots in a gallery. Sounds nice.

  2. It's a special place, a basement-like hallway where you might hear live music, sit in a time machine, meet a painter and have some wine....depends on the day! We just set up our tables and shelves and take turns gallery sitting. Quarterly market/bazaar/gallery crawl too, we have a fun artsy town!!!