Saturday, May 14, 2011

Moved in!

Yesterday was my first shift at gallery sitting, and I spent the afternoon hanging this chocolate brown fabric shower curtain on an overhead conduit, just to have a mostly blank slate. Beige table cloth, bare wood shelf. Plain Jane, I need more displays. I think some tall skinny shelves to flank the table will hide what the shower curtain can't.

My first glitch: I am used to hiding my power strip when I set up for markets. Since this is permanent, and since other people have to use my light switch when I'm not there, I should have pulled it up to where people can find it! I will yank it into a more accessible spot after work on Monday. Don't want anyone having to crawl on hands and knees to find my power source. Booth neighbor Lawrence L'Hote took care of it for me today.

He says an out-of-state visitor came and bought some mugs and plates, too! Can you imagine???? I can't. hahaha I have to run down there Monday and see what's missing and see if I can fill empty spots. I'm dying to know what she bought.

I'm really looking forward to this gallery experience.  Another potter from Access Arts has her table in the next room and she said she brings a book or sketch book with her when it's her turn to sit. I'm really glad she said that. I love walking around the Catacombs sucking up cool energy and getting inspired. It's a good idea to have the sketch book handy!!

Another thing I need is a guest book, or maybe just a sign on a fishbowl (more likely a pottery crock) that says to drop your card in if you want to be emailed when I get new stuff fired. And leave blank slips of paper in case you don't carry a card with you, to sign your name and email address.

Well, there is no shortage of things I need to tweak. :D


  1. How cool Lynn! It's always a great feeling when a piece sells :)

  2. Don't you just love the Catacombs? Your work is about to become the talk of the town!

  3. Thanks, ladies! Yeah a couple sales this week, one upstairs and now this one downstairs! Andrea YES I love the Catacombs, because of all the amazing people who have moved in since winter. The air just pops down there with all the inspiration.