Monday, April 18, 2011

My semi-annual check-in?

April already huh?

I worked really hard last summer/fall on pottery and moved too fast to enjoy it, busting my back to schlep it all to the catacombs and other local (medium to smallllll) shows.... 

Then I took a nice long break after the Xmas catacombs. Like, for 3 months I didn't touch a wad of clay. Not a smear. I stoked the fire, filled the well, watched videos, read books, made sketches. Ahhhhhhhh finally ready to play again. 

So I'm revisiting my old glaze posts, checking out those pastel colors.... I think I'll whip a couple up real quick! What the hey!!! I have decided to do a permanent* booth in the Catacombs, and no more schlepping! I can just walk a few pots down as necessary! 

Maybe get hubby to shoot some Etsy pics for me and see what that's all about. He's my photographer! Have a look!

I thought I had left my mail order businesses behind when I closed our ebay stores a few years back. LOL It's OK; the US Postal Service is still a super bargain and I appreciate them.

*sigh* OK enough blather. I'm actually ready to go mix up some Opulence and Mason Stains. I have a few white tumblers that don't want to be white any more. ;-)

*permanent as in, until the owner of the building actually thinks of something to do with the space, which I don't know if that's even a goal, but I mean, nothing is forever, right? Except pottery I guess, sometimes.

See ya!!!

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  1. Hope you continue with your blog. You know I enjoy the way you write...uh, type.