Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Year Got Away from Me!

Bless me, Potter, for I have sieved. It's been 2 months since my last... OK enough of that, I'm not even Catholic. Been glazing up a storm!!!

Let me back up. The bank where we do business for many years, offered hubby their main branch lobby gallery to hang his photography for the month of December. This has been planned for months. Then, week of Halloween, they said, "Hey you want November too???" heh. heh. ... heh.  Well he said OK to November 15, then we scrambled to mat & frame a couple dozen pieces.  We decided to use my kiln money for that. Don't want to waste a chance, and I still haven't got a line on a good used kiln yet anyhow!

Meantime, I met a gallery owner who I fell in love with (both her and the gallery) and she wants me to bring some pieces in! WHAT?????? Then I found out about her big sale in December, like a big flea market art sale bake sale thing, HOLY CATS SIGN ME UP.

Not sure what came over me. Remember me? The one with no kiln??? OK so here I go again, toting bone dry "treasures" to the studio and cranking out a couple of bisque firings. I still haven't got room to walk through the house, but I see a clearing. I still have lots of things that need firing.

But for now I'm glazing my ass off and not even throwing. I have no idea what I'm doing buying a booth at a sale. I've never sold to anyone but friends and charity auctions before. Whew!!! Taking lots of coffee mugs and flower pots LOL WE WILL JUST SEE.

Dang it's gonna be a blast, because I am sharing my booth with my Twisted Sistah who makes jewelry and the next booth will be a friend from the studio. A blood sister will be manning the bake sale... The catacombs will be ECHOING I tell ya. (I'm the loud friend, here to tell ya!)

OK so I finally had a chip n dip make it past leather hard stage LOL and I decided to try the majolica on it too. Here's a pic.

It's obviously just sponged pink, orange, yellow, but OUT OF THE BLUE there is a single square of turquoise. LOL  The majolica tests were satisfactory and cheerful. Only the red bowl I painted grapes on, did not have enough coverage of HF-11 white, so it looks real dingy and muted.  The stripey vases and coffee mugs and whatnot came out cute and boy that stuff is smooth as a baby's butt. Too fun. Will do more.

Using a lot of Potter's Choice on some casseroles and mugs, and here are some Coyote cone 6 which is just lovely and smooth even at cone 5. These are "Shino" and "Mottled Blue."

Already tired of most of the commercial ones I have sitting around though, so looking for a nice matte base I can color with Mason stains.... That's another story. I reckon I'll drag you into that mess too.

Watch this spot! LOL

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