Saturday, October 10, 2009

Screwing around while the stew simmers.

It's a gorgeous autumn day in mid-Missouri. The flood in the family room has receded, and I have the warranty for the new heat gun that died in the puddle. I have beef stew in the crock pot and we are just taking it slow.

I have been messing around with some altering and some hand building. Along with some big red stretched pots, I'm in the process of  "screwing together" a bowl.
Practicing on scrap:

I can make a circle in the clay with a drinking straw, then press a screwdriver bit into the center. That needs to be a small bit.

I think I prefer impressing a circle with a round pencil, then dropping a small ball of soft clay into the dent. Stick the ball into the hole by pressing it in with the screwdriver bits. I don't care for the hex head bit so much, but the flat and the Phillips bits are great!

Debating wax resist over the screws come glazing time, and/or other ways to make them stand out. Silly. :-)


  1. I love how you just casually mention the FLOOD in the family room!! What happened?

  2. Ha story of my life, water finds a way in. We are renting this time though, and furnished with second-hand stuff, so we just wait it out. Landlord tries new fixes every time. We get out the shop vac when it finally quits raining, and my clay corner gets real clean for a change. Stupid Harbor Freight heat gun, worked twice, died again. Still got that warranty, but do I want to waste the trip???