Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quick break in routine

Took a vacation day, on Woody's day off, so we could go pick up 400 lbs of clay. He said that ought to hold me for a couple weeks. Can you imagine if I had a kiln? LOL The car was NOT happy. I guess fat people don't drive Hondas.

Feels like a Saturday but I have to go back to work tomorrow. But but but but I don't WANNA! I have 150 lbs of red and 250 lbs of B-Mix calling my name from the garage.

But... 9 hours on Thursday and 4 on Friday, I'M DONE.

Should have bought more bats................


  1. Sounds wonderful! You need some drying boards so you can flip and transfer your work from the bats. :) Have have!

  2. It's ok, have plenty of boards but get lazy. I can go back to cutting pots off the wheel too. Crazier things have happened. :-)