Sunday, September 27, 2009

Majolica tests

I am SO dying for a kiln. LOL I have some majolica style pots I'm wanting to test. Amaco HF-11 (white) over bisque with the GDC underglazes painted on top.... waiting for a cone 5 fire!!!! I have never pretended to be a painter hahahaha but here are my test pieces:

The spiral bowl is turquoise and black. The grapes are green, blue and purple. The vases are chartreuse and red or turquoise with black dots. I have some orange and some pink testing on the coffee mugs. I think these will be translucent colors over the white, and I am just praying they don't just run into little rivers. LOLOL

I'm beside myself waiting for a kiln. My stomach is full of butterflies. It's a miserable feeling and a wonderful feeling. I've never been so happy in my life as when I get to play in clay, and I need to take the next step. I have so many new pots waiting for bisque firing!! I refuse to transport my babies across town in a laundry basket with bubble wrap again. Even though I know I will have to sacrifice a few to test the kiln, they are safe here on their dusty old shelves.


  1. Wow! And those are just the tests!

  2. Well I've never done it before, so... yeah, tests. LOL I got a glaze firing done finally! They came out nice and shiny and bright! Except.. well, I guess I should blog some more.