Monday, September 21, 2009

Cleaning THAT up...

Wow, I reread today, what I wrote last night. How disjointed!!!

So anyhoo the studio managers had a personal kiln, sold it to someone who's never used it, so they are trying to get it back so WE can buy it. It's going to be awesome for a beginner like me!!!

And, we wait.......... (vacations, busy schedules, etc.)

OH, also confusing was my canister-to-fluted vase transition. By canister, I meant a big ol' barrel shaped pot at the studio, holding wooden spoons and such in the glaze room. Barrel shaped, but with that soft cuff shape at the top. I have NOT managed to make that exact barrel shape! But this attempt was so pleasing to us, that I decided to flute it and then do more like it.

Woody texted from work: there was a curious ad in the paper, Pottery Business for sale (??) and I called and it was just something like they wanted someone to sell off all the dishes they bought from all over. Mexican pots, whatever. I'm like, no thanks, mine are food safe...... and I already HAVE a day job....

But, this guy (realtor dude) says they are moving forward on another project to fill a nice big space in a nice strip mall on the rich side of town, with booths, tables, rooms, walls, whatever, full of gifts, art, handmades, by people who don't want to buy a business but have things to display and sell..... I said KEEP MY NUMBER! I am to pass this idea to all my arty friends and won't we have a time, all coexisting in a space, not having to worry about anything but shared rent or something??? I don't know how it's going to go down, but it's intriguing. Woody, my better half, is quite the photographer, and his pretties will help fill that space too.

I don't know if I have what it takes to go in a gallery or anything, maybe a little, maybe not... but in this situation I'd just be there, you know, here have some nice mixing bowls, they hold water and everything. LOL My friends love my mixing bowls. Maybe strangers would too!

So we'll see. It's not like I can just up and leave my job and follow craft fairs around, and good grief, I don't even have a KILN YET!!!!

Okay, HOUSE is on, so you won't see ME the rest of the night. But I wanted to try to flesh out that skeletal post from last night. haha


  1. That's a really cute picture of you. It's nice having a home studio. It very convenient. There are times I really miss working with my classmates.

  2. Hope you get your kiln and keep us posted about the show space. My TV is turned off cause we're moving, but I love House.

  3. That picture is me at the school, but with my first kiln load that wasn't from class work. They will let us fire stuff with a fee per cubic foot or a discount if you fill the whole kiln. I can fill it a few more times with the stuff I still have sitting around at home but I hate transporting it bone dry!!!!

  4. I don't blame you Lynn. I wouldn't want to transport dry greenware either. I hope you get that kiln.