Sunday, September 13, 2009

So to begin...

Woody thinks I should blog. I haven't had my mind on writing for many years now. This might be clumsy.

All my life I've been fickle in my passions. But for over 20 years I wanted to learn to throw pots. Don't know why, and never knew anyone who knew how, either. If it was offered in school I didn't know about it. I'm really jealous of the people who had ceramics in school!

Even while taking my kids to their Special Needs pottery classes at a local studio, paid for by the county family services, I didn't realize there was something there for me! I assumed the studio was FOR SPECIAL NEEDS.

While in the throes of my perennial gardening passion, I realized I would be devastated over winter, not being able to get my hands into the sticky Missouri clay and make things happen. And at some point, I discovered the art studio was FOR EVERYONE, so I signed up. January 2005, I got my hands in clay and learned to make things happen.

Once a week isn't a lot when you're trying to get good at something, but I almost never missed a session from that point on, even taking 2 sessions a week sometimes. Except for the spring when our youngest was hospitalized, I was there. It was my joy.

And it seems like forever ago. I can't believe it was less than five years. But here I am, still a beginner in my mind, and forever a student. Some people think I'm getting good at it. I think I get lucky sometimes.

Looking back through my old photos, I definitely see progress, and if nothing else, pottery has taught me PATIENCE, something I've always been quite short on.

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  1. Hi Lynn. Good to see your smiling face on the Blog roll. I'm looking forward to reading blogs :)