Thursday, September 24, 2009

Move over little dog

Cuz the big dog's movin' in. Tonight I asked about the little kiln. "Any word on that kiln, or should I start shopping again?"

YES there is word, but on a BIGGER and NICER kiln.

WHAT? Hmmmmmmm I don't know everything the future holds, but for sure it holds bisque ware! LOL

I don't know how much longer I can stand to wait for friends and acquaintances to "know someone," before I have to break down and buy a NEW kiln. LOL I'd rather have one to start with, that someone can tell me its quirks and give me the history and helpful hints.

There is so much to learn, I think buying a used one might save a few test pots. Maybe!

Meanwhile the instructor we signed up with this session just came back from a workshop or seminar or something with some crystalline glaze ideas. He's stoked... but warns us that it moves like a runaway train, so we can't use it on a vertical surface. We've been cranking out plates, upside down platters and really wide shallow bowls. No idea if we'll ever get the kiln loaded in this session. Might have to sign up with Alec again next session. LOL

OK time for the old folks to get some sleep. See ya!

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